All about Adventures in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most wonderful and fun cities in the world. It has pristine beaches, dense forests, magnificent architecture, and excellent night life and restaurants, all waiting to be savoured. Besides, it is a potential spot for adventure and outdoor activities. Be it hiking, scuba diving, hang gliding, river rafting or zip lining, you are sure to create memories worth cherishing. Here are some activities you can endorse in:

Rio de Janeiro

  • River rafting– River rafting, also known as white-water rafting, is a recreational activity that includes rafting or navigating a river or other water bodies in an inflatable raft. It is usually done in rough water to offer the thrill and excitement to the rafters. Those rafting should wear light clothes and comfortable shoes during the ride. When going for rafting bring:
  • Bathing suit,
  • Suntan lotion,
  • Extra T- shirt,
  • A towel, and
  • Waterproof camera.
  • Rock climbing– The right technique, strength, courage and will. This is what it takes to reach the top. Rio, with its majestic mountains, is a great place for climbers to express their talent. The prize one gets on reaching the top is the delightful panoramic view of the city. Climbing options are available at varying degrees of difficulty. Wear comfortable clothes, sun glasses, sun blocks and caps on a sunny day while climbing.
  • Hang gliding– Hang gliding is a popular recreational sport. It involves a metal- framed fabric wing, where the pilot mounts on a harness hanging from the wing frame. He exercises control by shifting body weight against a triangular bar also attached to the frame. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Flip flop sandals and jeans should be avoided.
  • Scuba diving– Arraial do Cabo Marine Reserve is one of the best scuba diving site in Rio. The turquoise water teems with marine life, including sea turtles, moray eels, sea horses, colourful coral and some tropical fish like the Queen Angelfish. The busiest months for scuba diving are December, January and February. So book in advance, at least a week ago if you are visiting in these months.
  • Hiking– The Tujica rainforest is the largest urban rainforest in the world. So hiking it will be a significant experience and a great chance to discover the Brazilian rainforest and its diverse fauna. The Dois Irmaos, known as the Two Brothers, in another great hikes option.
  • Sky diving– Sky diving is another great option for experiencing unlimited thrill and adventure. Just imagine jumping off a plane, flying over 12000 feet above sea level, at over 200 km/h with nothing but the sky between you and the breathtaking panoramic view of Rio. Capture some great pictures to show to friends and relatives.

So if your next tour is to Rio, then plan out the adventures you will enjoy. Where Accommodation in Rio de Janeiro is concerned, you need not worry. There are many good apartments in Rio that will welcome you with all services and facilities of home. Book in advance and make your journey memorable.